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Your Money-making Opportunity at the


  • Once you are a registered paying member, you will have the opportunity to help us market Impala Radio (and it's products) with family and friends.
  • Monthly paid members don't need to participate in this fundraising/advertising for Impala radio, as it is voluntary. 
  • The OFFICE is only for people that are serious about generating an extra income. 


YES, I want an extra income! What must I do?

First, you must be a registered paying member at Impala Book Club. If you haven't got a registered account yet, please open one at the following link. (You will also receive the free voucher of $8 to use for downloading any 2 e-books at our Impala BOOK CLUB):

Once you are registered at the Impala BOOK CLUB you will find a link inside your account that will take you to the Impala OFFICE

After registration you will find your own little OFFICE where you:

  • Will be able to keep track of your special link to use when recruiting new members
  • Find a list of the members you recruited (downline)
  • See your commission,
  • View reports and stats
  • Be able to communicate with your downline through email, etc.

You can make some great referral commissions by joining our affiliate program. It's easy. Just fill in the registration form that is available in your ACCOUNT and get started!

Free to Join our OFFICE Program

It will cost you nothing more than the $10 you are paying to be a monthly member at Impala BOOK CLUB!

You can refer as many people as you want, and the more people you refer, the more commissions you can potentially make.


If you recruit a new $10 PAID member, we will 'thank you' by giving you $3 from that amount as monthly commission.

  • Recruit ONE paid member and you receive $3 in total
  • Recruit TWO paid members and you receive (2 x $3) = $6 in total, etc.
  • Once you have recruited 4 members, you start making a profit. You paid $10 membership fee, but you receive $12 in commission for 4 recruited members. Therefore your profit is $2.
  • If you recruit 50 paid members your commission will be 50 x $3 = $150.
  • The sky is the limit! 100 members = $300 commission / 1000 members = $3000 commission.
  • The amount of members you may recruit is UNLIMITED.
  • As long as your recruited members stay PAID members you will receive this commission month after month!
  • This is NOT a 'get rich quick' scheme! This is an opportunity to work constantly in building your own business income over a period of time. If you are patient then you will reap the benefit.
  • This is also not a 'fly by night' scheme! Impala Radio is well established and over 10 years old.

BUT, there is MORE:

  • Your recruited members will now also have the opportunity to build their own income by recruiting their own members. (Your recruited member will then receive $3 for each paid member)
  • But, we will NOT forget you! We will let you share as well. We will give you $2 for each paid member recruited by your downline; as this is now part of your Tier 2 level
  • Just imagine if you recruit only ONE member, and that member works hard and recruits 500 new members? Your commission will be $3 for the member that you recruited + $1000 (500 x $2) for the 500 members on Tier 2. Not bad for doing nothing but recruiting ONE member!

And even more!

  • What happens if those members recruited by your member recruits their own members?
  • That will be known as your Tier 3 level.
  • And we will let you share again in commission: 50c for each member on your Tier 3 level!

Get Started Right Now

All you have to do to join our program is to fill in the registration form. Once you register, you'll have access to all of our free marketing tools (in the OFFICE) that will help you promote our products and get you started earning an income! The registration form is supplied in your ACCOUNT at Impala BOOK CLUB.

  • Log in to your ACCOUNT at IMPALA BOOK CLUB where you will find a link to register as affiliate at IMPALA OFFICE.
  • Click on the link and when you are at the IMPALA OFFICE click on the 'Create Account' link on that page and fill in your details.  
  • Once you confirm your account, you'll get immediate access to our affiliate members area (your little OFFICE) and get your unique affiliate ID.
  • Remember: 'Login' to your OFFICE is via your ACCOUNT at IMPALA BOOK CLUB or via the link supplied in your confirmation email.

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